Peter the Duck was a cute wingless duck who was knitted and entered into the competition by Andrew Hunt, a languages teacher from Surrey. Knitted Cheryl Coles didn't let him go through in the first round of the K Factor competition, saying famously "You've haven't got any wings, pet. I'm sorry, it's a no.". Many people subsequently joined a Facebook campaign to get Peter re-auditioned believing he was discriminated against because of his disability, but when knitted Simon Cowell phoned Peter to tell him, Peter was unable to pick up due to his lack of wings. David Chapman, Peter's agent, pursued the campaign by speaking to the Croydon Guardian on Peter's behalf.[1] Peter the Duck was knitted by Andrew Hunt who is currently the Head of Oriental languages (as of October 2010) in Whitgift School, South Croydon.

In the third episode, which was a knitted Harry Hill special, Peter made a return disguised as Harry Hill but was rejected once more. When Knitted Simon Cowell's head was cut off, Peter went to a hospital to help him by giving thread, however he was told to 'beat it' by the doctor, so in disappointment, Peter walked off. Peter audtioned for Micheal Winner's Dining Stars but eventually, he was kicked out of the show and in despair, Peter attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff but Knitted Simon Cowell caught him while he was falling and he proudly announced that he was finally through! Peter went on to win the series.