Primeval is a hit show on ITV1 first released in 2007.

On TV BurpEdit

Episode 6.6Edit

Harry turns his attention to Primeval in this episode, broadcast two weeks after Primeval's premiere. He asks have you ever wondered what a robbery in a joke factory would look like. The scene then cuts to a clip from Primeval's second episode, where Captain Ryan and his soldiers are being menaced by Giant Spiders in the London Underground, a soldier tries to shoot them but the shot ends up being bounced across the room.

Harry introduces Primeval, and is menaced by a Dinosaur growl sound effect. He says Primeval is ITV's answer to Doctor Who, noting "It's taken two years, but they've done it.". He explains it's premise is creatures escaping from the past to the present via an Anomaly. He says it's very frightening and that the special effects in Primeval are fantastic, well most of the time. The scene cuts to Abby holding Rex where Harry shouts "IT'S A PUPPET!" (Rex is actually CGI). Harry then holds a puppet of Rex. When he asks Rex if he's alright, Rex spits in his eye, Harry calls him "Spit the Dinosaur".

Episode 6.6Edit

In the next episode, Harry jokes about Primeval again. He announces that ITV is making a spin-off of Dancing on Ice, Diving with Crocs. The scene then cuts to that of a clip from the third episode of Primeval, in which a lifeguard dives right into the jaws of a Mosasaur and is devoured.

Episode 6.7Edit

Harry jokes about Primeval once more. Using a scene from the fourth episode in which a boy discovers a python in his toilet.

Unknown Episode 1Edit

In an unknown episode, Harry says that budget cuts are affecting Primeval, showing a clip from a different show in which a litter-picker comes out of a bush.

Unknown Episode 2Edit

When Harry makes up a show, ITV's Meat Police. He says it's to rival BBC's Life on Mars, "Just like they did with Primeval and Doctor Who" he notes.


Prim Spoof

Prim Spoof

The Primeval scene of Episode 6.6 on Youtube.


  • Harry calling Rex a puppet is obviously a joke on how Abby holds him, as he is actually CGI.
  • The nickname of "Spit the Dinosaur" is technically incorrect, as Rex's species, the Coelurosauravus, is actually a type of reptile home to the Permian period, before the Mesozoic era in which Dinosaurs originate.
  • Also, the fact he referred to the Mosasaur as a "Croc" is also incorrect. Although the Mosasaur looks very similar to a Crocodile, they are unrelated.
  • It is currently unknown whether Harry has made jokes on Primeval Series 2 and 3. He didn't included clips from Series 4 in TV Burp as the first episode of Series 11 started on the same day as the last episode of Series 4.

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